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Hot Tub Chemicals

Less Maintenance – More Enjoyment

For hot tub water treatment, we have a vast of hot tub chemicals to offer. From a hot tub filter to shock treatment, we have everything for your hot tub care and maintenance. Shop our hot tub chemicals online today to discover more about our range of hot tub products. For further information or advice on choosing your hot tub chemicals and any other questions about hot tubs maintenance, please give us a call. Or you can check out The Hot Tub Chemicals Guide.

SpaChem -Your Hot Tub Chemicals Company

SpaChem Limited is a company that has a strong reputation for hot tub chemistry as well as sourcing and providing a comprehensive range of high-quality pool products. By using our search bar you will find a range of hot tub water treatment products such as hot tub filters, bromine granules & tablets, chlorine granules and chlorine tablets, as well as a wide range of other important treatments such as hot tub cleaner, no-foam, spa enhancers, pH minus, total alkalinity increasers (TA Increaser), hot tub cleaners, calcium hypochlorite shock treatments, calcium hardness increaser and non chlorine shock treatments. We even have treatments for green hot tub water.

Spa Chemicals for
a Happy Hot Tub

Our team will consider a range of areas to help you find the best spa chemicals, as well as the type of hot tub you have and the manufacturer. At SpaChem, we can be on hand to advise you on the correct hot tub chemicals you need, we can also advise you on the right balance of chemical levels, this includes ph levels (a low ph and high ph). From hot tub maintenance products like filters to chlorine tablets and chlorine granules, we have everything you need when taking care of your spa and hot tub water. Chemicals such as Bromine can cause skin irritation so it is best to do your research prior to using hot tub care treatments and chemicals. We have products in stock that will take care of anything from PH increaser to ph decreaser chemical reactions, so regardless of what you’re in search of, let our specialists help.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Spa Chemicals for Testing

As well as the hot tubs products and cleaners mentioned above, we also stock a wide selection of hot tub accessories, spa cartridges, hot tub filters, covers, and spare parts and even if you can't find what you are looking for on this site, you can also seek out advice and any specialist information you may need from us via our chat service or our hot tub Consultancy service any day of the week.

We have an extensive range of cartridges for a varying range of hot tubs & swimming pools and outlets, our spa cartridge(s) made by our dedicated manufacturer they have been making quality, high-grade hot tub cartridges using super-strong endcap materials, industry-leading Reemay® filtration fabric, and efficient free flow cores. In addition to our quality made cartridges, we can also offer a full range of Microban® cartridges too.

Hot Tub Water Chemicals

Here at SpaChem we stock and supply a range of spa chemicals that aim to keep your hot tub clean and safe, they will kill bacteria and keep the areas around your hot tub clean, as well as prolonging its life. There are so many options available that it can often be a minefield when it comes to finding the right hot tub chemical for your needs. Here at SpaChem, we are home to a team of experts who can always be on hand to assist and make sure that you get the best spa chemicals for your hot tubs and spas. You can also more about chlorine tablets vs granules as well as how to reduce cloudy water and using fewer chemicals to support sensitive skin.

By purchasing hot tub chemicals, bulk pool chemicals, you are ensuring that your hot tub is clean and safe, as well as making sure it lasts. The hot tub chemicals that we provide include economical options that will ensure your spa or hot tub is always working to its maximum efficiency whilst reducing harmful bacteria and scale build up. When it comes to finding the right spa and hot tub chemicals for your spa or hot tub water, we have got you covered, ensuring you get the most hygienic product for your hot tubs.

Chemicals For Hot Tubs

Here at SpaChem we stock and supply a range of spa and hot tub chemicals, pool chemicals there are so many available and it can often be a mind field when it comes to finding the right spa or hot tub chemicals for your needs. By purchasing hot tub chemicals you are ensuring that you can complete your hot tub maintenance properly. When it comes to finding the right hot tub chemicals for your spa or hot tub water, you will need to consider the type of spa you have as well as the manufacturer, the manufacturer's instructions and chemical guide. This is where SpaChem, come in we can be on hand to advise you on the correct hot tub chemicals.

Calcium Hardness Chemicals

If you have bought a spa or hot tub, it's important to know exactly what hot tub chemicals are needed to clean the hot tub water. Hot tub chemicals will ensure that your spa or hot tub is always clean and sanitary, ensuring that you can enjoy your spa or hot tub whenever you need it. Hot tubs require cleaning and maintenance frequently, this is to ensure the longest lifespan for the filter. It's also important that you do a thorough job as this will make sure that your hot tub or spa is performing to its best.

Hot Tub Supplies

We are a leading hot tub supplies company, we offer a range of hot tub maintenance supplies and kits, ensuring that you have everything you need to get the best out of your hot tub. Whether you need to replace hot tub parts, or you need to stock up on supplies before the new season starts, we have everything that you need. Our hot tub supply range covers all of the products, tools and fittings you’ll need to keep your tub working efficiently.

What Our Customers Say!

Well what can I say, its just brilliant and so simple and to not have the issues of broken cover lifters is a hassle im pleased to not have. The design is simple but hugely effective, the cover is also fully attached to the spa so no blowing off in the wind and when folded back it sits snug up to the hot tub. Well worth it

Simon W

I had issues on Sunday with my hot tub and thought I would have to do the dreaded empty!

Samantha Mc

OMG, what can I say? I cannot thank Gavin enough for all his help and support. He spent the time to understand all of my issues methodically and ran me through the basics of maintaining a hot tub from the initial fill to the regular maintenance needed. I placed an order with the bits I needed straight away.

Neil T

What can I say about this company I was struggling to find filters for my hot tub and came across Gavin from SpaChem this guy couldn’t do enough for me to make sure I bought the correct ones the service is second to none ordered the filters Friday turned up Saturday customer service spot

Jon Paul

Order a filter in the morning. It was delivered by one of the team to my door in the afternoon, you cannot beat that for service. Thank you.

Jeff B

Gavin at spachem has been the most helpful with choosing products delivery was exceptional and customer service just brilliant will definitely be using this company again

David S

Today I spoke to Gavin after being totally confused about what i needed to look after my new hot tub. He was sooooo helpful and even offered to look at the test strips for me via WhatsApp to advise what i needed and how to put it in etc. Top company and very knowledgeable. Thank you Gavin.

Claire A

I was previously using chlorine but swopped on to bromine which was initially a bit daunting but with the advice from Spachem they helped with fantastic knowledge and experience and were not pushy in trying to sell additional items.

Christian W

Bought a second hand hot tub which came with issues called spachem and spoke to Gavin, after 1hour on the phone he sorted all my problems, with all the correct chemicals and filters on a Saturday afternoon, and buy Tuesday I had everything delivered, in the middle of the COVID 19, amazing service and a quick response.

Andrew C

Absolutely fantastic service and customer care. I was looking for a part for my hot tub and didn’t know where to start. SpaChem where fantastic, great and fast communication to help and advise and then when ordered the part came in super fast time. They even messaged to check it had arrived. Brilliant company to deal with will definitely be back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you!


I had a few issues getting to grips with a good hot tub maintenance schedule so I rang SpaChem as I get all my chemicals from them. I contacted them on WhatsApp and I spoke with Gavin directly on the telephone, who I cannot thank enough. He spent time with me going over what I did in order to understand where he could help me.


Very helpful chap super fast delivery will defiantly use spachem again.

James S