Bromine & Mineral Frog System

When you think about having a hot tub on your property, you’ll likely imagine long afternoons of relaxation and having fun with friends and family in the warm bubbling water, no matter what the weather. Hot tubs are a great addition to a home, but they do require a little more upkeep than some might think.

To keep your hot tub looking and functioning to its fullest potential, it’s important you’re aware of the different chemicals and sanitation practices you need to know.

Here at SpaChem, we understand that hot tub maintenance can be a drag; that’s why we’ve designed two innovative self-dosing systems that allow for the automatic release of the sanitation chemical bromine and essential minerals to keep the water fresh and crystal clear - introducing our Bromine Dispenser and Mineral Frog System.

Bromine is a powerful sanitizer that is effective at high temperatures, making it one of the most popular sanitizers for hot tubs alongside chlorine. The Bromine Dispenser gradually distributes bromine and is built into the tub. Choose the level of bromine you need and simply refill the cartridges once they’re finished.

The Mineral Frog is an innovative new system that alongside the bromine dispenser, helps to control bacteria and keep your hot tub water clear and odourless. Minerals in the water help reduce the need for bromine, so the water will be cleaner and free from chemicals. The mineral dispenser cartridges can last for up to 4 months.

For further advice on both the Bromine Dispenser and the Mineral Frog System, contact one of the SpaChem team today. 

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