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Essential maintenance and understanding of water chemistry of your hot tub include using spa water balancing chemicals from time to time. Depending on the area you live in, your water source may have a high pH level or low pH level readings - both of which aren’t great for keeping your hot tub water fresh and clean.

It's always great to understand what your incoming mains water ph range is, which becomes the baseline for your hot tub water balancing, pH balancing, and Total Alkalinity (TA) balancing and ultimately helps you land on the ideal ph range once you fill your hot tub.

Do a quick test to see where you stand with your hot tub pH levels:

  • Get a glass of water from your tap

  • Use a standard 3in1 or 6 in1 test strip

  • Dip test water - the ideal range is 7.2 - 7.8

  • Note down you incoming mains water from a pH & Alkalinity point of view in parts per million

These results give you your baseline line water reading and each and every time you complete a drain down and refill you immediately know the Total Alkalinity increaser action (your buffer) you need to take and your pH action with pH plus / pH Increaser or pH minus / pH Reducer.

The water in a hot tub requires different attention from regular water, and it is also different from pool water in a swimming pool pH setting. Due to the higher temperature of hot tub water, there are more necessary steps to take to ensure the water is appropriately sanitized. 

Some of the effects of a water reading that has a pH reading that’s too high or low include:

  • Dry or itchy skin and irritating to eyes,

  • An increase of scale and erosion in your filter,

  • Cloudy water,

  • A strange smell,

  • Poor efficiency of your sanitizer, 

  • Staining to the hot tub surface.

All of these should be avoided - both for the health of your hot tub and that of the people who use it.

To keep the pH of your hot tub water at a neutral level, use a high-quality balancer. SpaChem sells good quality pH plus for hot tubs and pH Minus Balancers for hot tubs in varying sizes from as small as 1 kg tubs for domestic use, and up to 7 kg containers for bigger jobs. Our water balancers can be used with either Bromine Granules, Chlorine Granules, Free Chlorine Environments, and all water sources from a borehole, spring water, and freshwater environments.

For more information on hot tub maintenance and how to get the best out of SpaChem products, get in touch with one of our friendly team who is on hand to give help and advice.

Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer (Lowers Spa PH) 1.5 kg

Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer (Lowers Spa PH) 1.5 kg

Correct pH and Alkalinity balance is vital to ensure comfortable bathing conditions, maximum efficie..

£12.79 Ex Tax: £10.66

Spa pH Plus (Spa Increaser)

Spa pH Plus (Spa Increaser)

SPA pH PLUS is used to increase the pH balance of the Spa / Hot Tub water, the correct pH balance is..

£12.59 Ex Tax: £10.49

Spa pH Plus (pH Balance)

Spa pH Plus (pH Balance)

SpaChem Spa pH Plus is used to increase or elevate the pH balance of the Spa / Hot Tub water, the co..

£12.59 Ex Tax: £10.49

Spa pH Minus & Alkalinity (Reduces) Spa PH) 7kg

Spa pH Minus & Alkalinity (Reduces) Spa PH) 7kg

Having a well balanced hot tub water is essential to ensure comfortable bathing conditions and maxim..

£26.78 Ex Tax: £22.32

Spa pH Plus (Spa Increaser) 5kg

Spa pH Plus (Spa Increaser) 5kg

SpaChem Spa pH Plus is will help you to increase the pH balance of the Spa or swimming pool water. T..

£25.16 Ex Tax: £20.97

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