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Here at SpaChem we know that imparting our knowledge to customers to support them in managing their spa & hot tub effectively, pays testament to our company values. 

Within our blog section, your see a varying amount of articles covers such a wide range of topics from Chlorine Vs Bromine, Chlorine DioxideChlorogene T25, and its effective water management application, a wide range of topics on pH water balancingTotal Alkalinity the buffer for your pH, BPR – Biocidal Product Regulations, Hot Tubs Chemicals and so many more topics.

We are on a weekly basis updating our blogs and our FAQ section to be able to enhance our customer’s journey and for them to confidently manage their hot tub.  If by any chance there’s a section currently not covered and you would like us to put together a blog that covers your area of concern please drop us an email.

The Pool – Total Alkalinity

Stabilised Chlorine vs Unstabilised Chlorine

You have been through the pro’s and con’s of using bromine v’s chlorine and you have chosen chlorine as your hot tub or spa sanitiser. The next step is to work out which form of chlorine will work best for you. Do you opt for stabilised chlorine granules or the multi-functional chlorine tablets?

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Low or no readings on bromine or this might not be the case.

Low or No Readings On Bromine or This Might Not Be The Case

Effective bromine readings should be between 4-6ppm. If your readings are outside of this range, there could be a few reasons why. In the last week we have supported several hot tub owners with dormant bromine in their spas, take a read of our latest blog to find out how to achieve the perfect water balance and steps to take to identify dormant bromine readings.

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