When did the BPR Regulations come into force?

When did the BPR Regulations come into force?

BPR Part 2: In 2007 when regulations came into force regarding different varieties, materials, sanitising agents, and chemicals, REACH was formed. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH adherence was necessary for all chemical substances used for industrial processes, including cleaning and sanitising. 

REACH is the regulation that has impacted most chemical and sanitation product companies in the United Kingdom and the European Union. Therefore if you are selling a biocide product on the UK market, you have to determine if your product meets the definition of a biocide product. There are twenty-two different biocidal types used in pest control products to the pool and hot tub sanitisers. 


The twenty-two biocidal products you’re putting on the marketplace whether that’s in the EU market place or the UK market place must meet the BPR assessment and approval for the product’s active substances. Even if you are selling just two biocidal products on the market, you still need to ensure you’re meeting BPR regulations or face financial and legal consequences. You can purchase hot tub and pool chemicals that conform to the BPR mandate from approved product suppliers in the UK.



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