What Are Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR)?

What Are Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR)?

BPR Part 3: It is the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) that determines and regulates biocide products (Article 95) in the United Kingdom, EU, and Switzerland. ECHA decides if the biocidal products you’re offering on the marketplace has all the active substances needed. ECHA also determines if your biocidal products contain active components that help prevent dangerous illnesses from bacteria’s spread in humans, animals, and the environment.

There is a two-step process ECHA uses to ensure the active substance application and any biocidal products you place in the market are accurate and safe. BPR can approve biocidal products as a product family if you purchase all your biocidal products from the same vendor supplier or company. But to do that, the BPR’s active substance must be in each product you are buying; however, each product can exhibit different concentration levels. 

If your product has the exact formula, but you market the biocidal product under a different trade name, you can apply for the product authorisation, which helps decrease duplicate application processing at an administrative level. Since the end of 2017, many businesses use biocidal product families authorisation from 115 Union previously authorised biocidal products.  



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