Bromine – The Alternative to Chlorine

Biocidal Product Regulation for Hot Tubs

BPR Part 5: There are some differences in BPR for hot tubs vs. pools, but not many. The most considerable difference between biocidal product regulation for hot tubs vs. any other water body is in the concentration levels. There can be a wide margin between significant biocidal concentrations in hot tubs vs. other water bodies needed to prevent adverse effects on human health or environmental issues. 

Some companies offer a range of solutions to help you with your hot tub customers or product variety. Whether you manage a lodge, travel hotel, community centre, or your own hot tub, some biocidal product businesses can ensure you receive options for BPR spa care packages. The BPR spa care packages take the pressure off of you in complying with BPR regulations by providing any product you purchase has BPR compliance, which adds value to your hot tub experience.

BPR Hot Tubs 

After about three years, some biocidal products for hot tubs pending review will either be given an approval number or fail the assessment. If the biocide passes the approval and receives a biocide authorisation number, it will be listed on the biocide products label.  If the biocide failed the hot tubs’ biocidal product approval process, the manufacturer is responsible for withdrawing the product from the marketplace. 

Most manufacturers will tell you that process takes them anywhere from six to twelve months. The manufacturers justify this time length span by stating it takes them that long to track down all their retailers and distributors so they can pull their products from the shelves.