Consequences of Not Using BPR Products

Consequences of Not Using BPR Products

BPR Part 6: Should a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer that sells biocidal products don’t comply with BPR regulations, then the United Kingdom by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can assess hefty fines on the violator, and it doesn’t stop there. The violator chain goes up through the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer that provides the non-BPR-regulated products. If you are on the violation chain, you can be assessed with fines for violating the regulation.

What’s more, you can’t argue that you were ignorant of the BPR regulation, fine, or consequence as it’s not considered a legitimate legal defence for you to use. So it’s essential that you start thinking about using a water management solution expert that offers BPR solutions for any products you want to provide to your customers. Some water management experts can provide you with solutions you never knew you could provide or find for your customers.

BPR Regulation Solutions

You can turn to one company when you are seeking Biocidal Product Regulation, BPR water management solutions. Reach out to when you’re ready to go over some BPR solutions that keep you selling BPR products. It’s critical to find a supplier that ensures you never have to worry about violations and fines for non-BPR products you sell. Companies that offer you BPR products that provide you detailed features that outline the BPR authorisation benefits are the exception to the rule.

That’s why SpaChem is so valued by customers and recognized as having BPR product expertise. No one wants to offer their customers products that end up with customers sharing their hot tub and pool water with unwanted bacteria. It’s why SpaChem came up with water management solutions through their hot tub and pool packages.

SpaChem pool packages help take any guesswork out of BPR products. No pool or hot tub supply business or owner should have to worry about bacteria in their backyard oasis of relaxation. Spa Chem has become the go-to business that takes the worry out of any of your customer’s BPR product needs.