All your Hot Tub Bromine Questions

Are you finding as time goes on your spa smells? Looking forward to a nice relaxing soak in your hot tub but when you open up your spa cover you get this unpleasant odor? But the temptation of getting into what looks like a nice clean hot tub may have underlying issues. 

A hot tub that smells like rotten eggs is a sure sign that bacteria is hiding somewhere in your spa, spa parts, Jets, headrests, and spa cover, maintaining poor levels or low levels of bromine in your spa hot tub will result in high bacteria growth.  To ensure a consistent presence and dosing of bromine in your water it is recommended using a tablet dispenser for Bromine Tablets. 

So for some, this is a preferable sanitizer. However, as with any chemical sanitation system, bromine has its disadvantages. In small quantities dissolved into hot tub water, bromine is not too harmful, but it is naturally irritant to the human eyes and throat, so it’s best to avoid these areas and make sure you don’t swallow any hot tub water! 

Bromine on the other hand works by forcing apart the chemical bonds of the contaminants in your hot tub water and as it dissolves in the water it remains active, continuing to work even when it has combined with the unwanted particles.

Unsurprisingly (and like its cousin chlorine), bromine also produces a waste product which is known as bromamine. However, bromamine is not known to have as many side effects when present in your hot tub, but it will reduce the efficiency of your bromine sanitiser. If you are using bromine in your hot tub as your sanitiser of choice, you will want to test the chemical levels regularly and undertake an oxy-shock treatment if the levels need adjusting.

Its a very clear NO with regards to mixing the two sanitisers, when managing your hot tub water you need to use either or and not both together.  Bromine Granules and Bromine Tablets are fine to use together and similarly Chlorine Granules with Chlorine Tablets.  Please do not mix the two sanitizers.

SpaChem Bromine tablets for hot tubs are designed to be dosed via a specific floating dispenser or an erosion feeder device which are also slow dissolving and ideal for daily dosing, this allows it to produce free active bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms..

The joys of having a bromine tablet dispenser, feeder or floating dispenser gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a continual dose of bromine being dispensed into your tub 24/7.   Ps as long as there's tablets in the of course :-)

Its a great question and one that cant specifically be answered due to not knowing bather loads and average weekly usage.  However as a rule of thumb you can start with one tablet in a floating dispenser with the lowest setting open and build it up from there whilst doing daily testing to see where your levels are at.

Once you get to a happy medium on the ideal range on your test strips then your there, the only factor to remember is when you use your tub the Bromine levels will naturally drop so this is where your Bromine Granules can come into use to aid your Bromine Levels..

Remember always add small amounts, as its easier to build up, but a challenge to get back down if levels are to high.

In general, Bromine products are more expensive than Chlorine products. For example, here at SpaChem™, our chlorine products are around 20% cheaper than our bromine equivalents. This is normally due to the higher cost needed to purchase bromine. However, this can be offset by the fact that less bromine is required to get the same sanitizing power as chlorine. 

To give you more insight into bromine check out our blogs: Bromine the alternative to Chlorine & Chlorine vs Bromine

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