Your not going to want to miss this!

Your not going to want to miss this!

Maintain your spa, gym or pool water with these Chlorine Dioxide (Chlorogene T25) water purification tablets. A highly effective tool against the build-up of commonly found viruses and bacteria, these compact water treatment tablets get to work fast and bring your water back to a comfortable level.

Noted for its speed and effectiveness, Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful tool for water purification. It takes fight against bio film and Legionella bacteria in seconds, breaking it down and eliminating all traces. Unlike its main competitor, traditional chlorine products, it produces close to no carcinogenic byproducts such as taste or unpleasant smells.

Chlorine Dioxide is supplied in a number of different forms with these compact tables being the most convenient. They have a simple application process, allowing any member of your team to work through your maintenance requirements. In addition, with their compact packaging, they can be stored easily without causing unnecessary bulk and without forcing smaller businesses to place repeat replenishment orders as frequently.

An effective microbiological control solution for any commercial business, these tablets can also be ordered in bulk quantities for industrial water owners/operators. With all of it’s modern benefits, Chlorine Dioxide is swiftly becoming the favoured method for water purification throughout the industry. When integrated into regular maintenance programmes, it has documented results that outstanding and impress customers again and again.

Buy Chlorine Dioxide water purification tablets online here at SpaChem. We also offer a range of fully managed services suitable for onsite treatment of your water. Taking the labour off of your workforce, our expert team can provide advice, recommendations and a professional service that will return your water to optimal conditions.

Contact us today for more information about these water treatment tablets, other Chlorine Dioxide tablets in our range or our hands-on on-site treatment services.

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