Chlorine tablets v’s granules - The great showdown

Chlorine Tablets vs Granules – The Great Showdown

Most hot tub or swimming pool owners that we talk to choose chlorine as their main water sanitiser simply because it’s so effective at killing bacteria and beats harmful build-up of the unwanted bacteria in your water. Over the years, the supply of chlorine has been developed by many manufacturers resulting in some confusion as to whether granules or tablet forms of chlorine are the best products for hot tub or swimming pool owners.

Understanding your hot tub water chemistry may seem daunting, but with our expert advice, we hope that you find out more about maintaining your hot tubs chlorine level, water temperature and the common methods used to control calcium hardness and our products used to kill bacteria.

Should you have any questions regarding our hot tub chemicals, please waste no time and be sure to give our team a call today.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into chlorine looking at usage, effectiveness, cost, and safety to help you find the perfect solution for your hot tub.

SpaChem 1kg Chlorine Granules

How to use chlorine granules and chlorine tablets.

Hot tub chlorine granules are a powder form of chlorine, they are rapidly dissolving and specifically formulated so you can add them directly to your water, granules should be dissolved in water for faster-acting results. Using chlorine granules offers more flexibility to your water chemical control, but does require some measuring to maintain the ideal range of 3-5ppm free chlorine reading.

With the SpaChem recommended products this is easily achieved by adding 2g of Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules per 1000litres of water to increase the reading by 1ppm.

Hot tub water chlorine tablets

Hot tub chlorine tablets are, on the other hand, much slower to dissolve and should be used in either a floating dispenser or an erosion feeder device in your water. If you are concerned about how much chlorine granules you should add to your hot tub, using SpaChem recommended chlorine tablets takes this measurement element away for you. Chlorine tablets are both simple and effective.

Use two Spa Chlorine Mini Tablets in your chosen device to treat up to 1500litres of water. Monitor the rate of chemicals in your water and adjust the flow on your dispenser accordingly.

With both of the methods above, it is essential that you use a chlorine test kit daily to monitor the disinfection of your water.

How effective are chlorine tablets and chlorine granules?

As both products are chlorine based, they are essentially and when used correctly, as effective as each other at controlling the bacteria and sanitising the water in your hot tub.

The key to achieving the perfect balance and level of control is to ensure your hot tub water maintains a chlorine level of 3-5ppm.

Chlorine tablets slowly dissolving in either a floating dispenser or feeder device ensure that you have a constant supply of chlorine entering your water. This method still needs to be monitored and the flow of the devices adjusted to maintain the perfect levels.

Chlorine granules added directly with their rapid dissolving properties support a more instant adjustment to the chemical levels in your hot tub water. However, if your hot tub is left unattended for a period of time, or you are unable to monitor and adjust the levels daily the chlorine demand of your water could be compromised.

Are chlorine granules or chlorine tablets more cost effective?

The good news is whichever method of chlorine you use to stabilise the water in your hot tub, the costs are pretty similar.

If you opt for the SpaChem Spa Chlorine Granules, a 1kg tub will currently cost you £16.92. If, however, you prefer to use the SpaChem Spa Chlorine 20g tablets, a 1kg tub will currently cost you £14.83.

So luckily, on this occasion, price isn’t a huge influencer.

How safe are chlorine granules vs chlorine tablets?

It goes without saying that care and attention must be taken when using all hot tub chemicals and this is the case for both chlorine tablets and chlorine granules.

Due to the way that they are manufactured, chlorine tablets are more acidic than chlorine granules. It is therefore important if you choose to use chlorine tablets that the floating dispenser is removed from your hot tub before you glide in.

The main risk with regards to chlorine tablets or chlorine granules not being used correctly is high elevated chlorine levels due to overuse and chlorine lock rendering the hot tub not useable. The second factor is correct pH & total alkalinity levels not being maintained at the right levels which will create an environment that will cause your tub to become too acidic or too alkaline, which will mean you burning through chlorine at a high rate.

The decision is yours. 

As long as you are using either chlorine tablets or chlorine granules, the decision over which method is best really is a matter of personal preference.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of chemicals, filters and cleaners for swimming pools and hot tubs, so no matter your specific needs and requirements we’re more than confident in saying that we can help. From swimming pool chlorine tablets to products to stop cloudy water in your hot tub, we’re here to help.

If you are unsure of which products would suit you best, the SpaChem team is on hand to help. Give us a call on 02921 280422 or WhatsApp on 07540 184405.

SpaChem 5kg Chlorine Granules Stabilized

Order your chlorine tablets or granules from SpaChem

For all your needs regarding hot tub and swimming pool chlorine tablets and granules, please be sure to shop online with our team at SpaChem. We have a wide range of products available for swimming pools and hot tubs. So no matter your needs and requirements, we’re here to take care of everything.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of chemicals and cleaners for hot tubs and swimming pools. From shock treatments to discussing the best cleansing process for your pool or hot tub, we’re here for you.

Simply order your hot tub and swimming pool chlorine tablets or granules online with us today for the best possible service. We will be there to take care of all your needs.



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