The essential cleaning routine you need for your hot tub

The essential cleaning routine you need for your hot tub

Whether your hot tub is in your garden to relax in during the evenings or is part of your business, a cleaning routine is essential. Without cleaning processes in place, you could risk bacteria growing in your tub, potentially causing significant harm, plus, you’ll be able to kick back and relax more knowing that the water is clean. 

With a consistent schedule in place, you’ll find it easier to manage and stick to your plans. As some tasks need doing daily and others just once every few months, we’ve made it simple by breaking them down. Of course, the frequency of the tasks is based on average use and they may need to be adjusted if, for example, your hot tub is used on a daily basis in a leisure centre setting. 

Daily tasks

  • You should give you hot tub a quick, basic clean on a daily basis, such as removing debris that has fallen into the water and checking to see that it is all working correctly.
  • You can set the temperature of the water in your hot tub to suit you but you should make sure that this is maintained, it’s a quick job and means you’ll notice should there be any malfunction issues. 

Several times a week

  • You want to ensure that your water levels remain consistent, as a result, you should check these a couple of times a week. Check the sanitizer levels and, if necessary, add chemicals to bring it back to the right levels, ensuring it’s ready for you to step into when you want to soak. 

Once a week

  • Conduct a hot tub shock treatment. This is where the water is purified by bringing up the sanitizer up to a high level, it’s essential for increasing water longevity and plays a role in getting rid of unpleasant smells, breaking down contaminants, and un-filterable waste.
  • Give the interior shell that is above the water line a quick clean, helping to remove debris and dirt that could otherwise end up in the water. It means you’ll have to use fewer chemicals and reduces the frequency other tasks are necessary. 


  • Is your hot tub kept outside? Your spa cover requires maintenance too. Every month it’s a good idea to condition it, providing protection against weather conditions.
  • Clean the cabinet, the exterior portion, of the hot tub. It’ll help to keep it fresh looking and reduce how often it will need replacing. 
  • Filters are an essential part of keeping a hot tub clean and, as a result, it’s important to keep them in excellent working order. Filter cleaners help speed up the process and gets right into the corners. Occasionally, you’ll also need to replace the filters to ensure they continue to perform at optimal levels. 


  • This one will depend on how frequently you use your tub but for most people it will need to be quarterly. Every three months or so, drain your hot tub and use specialist cleaner to scrub the interior and jets before refilling with fresh water – it’ll look as good as new when you’ve finished. 

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