Keeping your hot tub and spa filters safe.

Keeping your hot tub and spa filters safe.

By looking after the filter in your hot tub or spa, you are helping to make sure it runs more efficiently, you use less water treatment chemicals and you increase the life-cycle of the filter itself.

In a world where we are doing our utmost to #staysafe, the SpaChem team thought that we should support the notion with our own advice on how to keep you and your loved ones safe at home whilst using your hot tubs and spas. In this blog we cover filters, the important role that they play and how to look after them.

How does my hot tub filter work?

Your spa or hot tub works by heating and filtering your water as it circulates. The circulation of your water has a key function which is all driven by the presence of a circulation pump in your hot tub or spa that sucks in the dirty contaminated water passing it through layers of filtration fabric before the water passes through the heating element and is pumped back out through jets.

The filter itself is vital to ensure that the water is not only clean but also debris free before it gets to the heating element. Protecting your heating element by undertaking regular filter cleaning will not only extend the life of your hot tub but will pay dividends in the long-run.

Why do I need to clean my hot tub filter?

It is essential that you clean your hot tub or spa filter on a regular basis as it directly affects the performance and the water quality.

Failure to clean and look after your filter will result in dirty water, cloudy spa water, poor sanitisation, inefficient use of water-balancing chemicals and will allow contaminants or debris to flow into the heating elements, pump and sensor causing poor performance and inevitably resulting in costly mechanical failure.

How often do I need to replace my hot tub filter?

The life cycle of a filter is dependent on the type of filter that you have chosen to use in your hot tub or spa. However, as a general rule-of-thumb, if you maintain and clean your filter regularly this should last you between one and two years.

The SpaChem team recommendation here would be for you to have more than one filter for your hot tub or spa. That way, you are able to swap your filters over when you take them out for cleaning and ensure that the one you have just taken out has time to dry thoroughly before you put it back in. 

If you are currently running your hot tub or spa with just one filter, you can purchase a second one from our extensive range here: [insert link to filter page

How do I clean my hot tub filter? 

Weekly recommendation

Spa Instant Filter Cleaner can be used on a regular basis (ideally weekly) and offers a quick solution to cleaning Cartridge Filters. This cartridge cleaning option is not recommended as a replacement to a deep clean and is a quick rinsing which will just remove any large debris particles.

·   Remove the filter from your spa or hot tub.

·   Immediately place the filter into a clean bucket to allow the water to drain from the filter.

·   In a well-ventilated area, spray the Spa Instant Filter all over the filter allowing for good penetration of the product (please avoid doing this on windy days).

·   For ease of use, the trace dye will show where the product has been applied. Do not be tempted to over-apply the product.

·   Leave the filter in the bucket to allow penetration of the product for 30-40mins away from sunlight.

·   Rinse the filter with a hose (this will cause the product to foam)

·   Once the filter is fully clean, replace it back into your hot tub or spa.

Monthly Filter Cleaning Recommendation – Option 1

Spa Cartridge Cleaner or Filter Cleaner is a powerful blended cleaner specifically formulated to remove oils, minerals, organic matter, and dirt from Cartridge Filters. These deposits clog the filter and reduce filter efficiency and water circulation. Spa Cartridge Cleaner removes these deposits and restores filter efficiency and the lifetime of the filter.

·   Remove the filter and rinse with a hose to remove any loose debris

·  Place the filter in a clean bucket that is large enough to completely submerge the filter.

·  Add 1litre of Spa Cartridge Cleaner to 20litres of clean warm water and ensure that the filter is fully submerged.

·  Leave to stand overnight.

·  Rinse the filter thoroughly.

·  Return the filter back into your hot tub or spa.


Monthly Hot Tub Cartridge Cleaner Recommendation – Option 2

For the best hot tub filter cleaning solution our filter cleaner granules is a powerful alkaline formulation for removal of oils grease and other debris from spa filters and hot tub filters.

Filter Cleaner should be used every 2-6 weeks depending on bathing load and each time spa water is changed. It is recommended you have two sets of cartridge elements so while one set is being cleaned and allowed to dry, the other set can be in service.

·  Remove the filter and hose off any large debris.

·  Dissolve 100g of Filter Cleaner in 20litres of clean water in a clean plastic bucket.

·  Ensure that your filter is fully submerged in the solution.

·  Leave to soak in the bucket of solution overnight.

·   Remove the filter from the solution and rinse thoroughly using clean running water.

·   For best results, allow the filter cartridge to fully dry before replacing back into your hot tub or spa.

Completing these spa filter maintenance steps will ensure an extended filter life cycle and a clean spa filter coupled with having the right spa filter cleaner will make for a happy hot tub

If you experience any difficulties cleaning your filter or would like more information about your specific filter and which
products to use, give us a call on: 02920 280422 or WhatsApp on 07540 184405.



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