My hot tub water is yellow

My hot tub water is yellow, can you help?

My hot tub water is yellow, can you help?

I’m sure you would all agree, the only yellow thing that we want
to see in a hot tub is a floating rubber duck. If your hot tub water is on the
yellow colour spectrum one of our water management experts has put together the
following guide for you.


Why has your hot tub water turned yellow?

If the water in your hot tub appears to be yellow in colour then
this is probably due to a type of algae that is particularly fond of dark, warm
places are resistant to chemicals and when it thrives it forms a layer across
the surface of the water in your hot tub.

From a chemical perspective, yellow hot tub water can happen as a
result of high bromine levels combined with low pH values. 

Spring may feel like a distant memory right now, but
if you leave your hot tub uncovered for long periods of time in the spring
months, the high levels of pollen in the air can also cause your water to
appear yellow.


My water is yellow, is it safe to use?

If the bromine level of your water is extremely
high, and the pH is low, the water in your hot tub is likely to appear yellow
in colour. When you test your water having the correct test strips is essential,
6 in 1
Palintest test strips
will help you ensure you get a good reading and if your
bromine level is over 5ppm, then we would recommend that your hot tub is not
safe to use as this level of bromine has a toxic effect on the human body.
  The immediate action with regards to high bromine
levels are to partially drain your tub and refill with fresh water which will dilute
your bromine level, retest to ensure your levels are back within range before
use, if still high repeat until levels correct and ensure you balance your pH
levels before use.


How do I correct yellow water?

Correcting the yellow water in your hot tub can be
done by using a high level of
Spa Shock.

Turn off the heater of your hot tub.

If using SpaChem Oxy-Shock chemicals, we would
recommend a dose at a rate of 20g per 100 litres of water (other products may

Ensure your water circulation is on and your
diverter valves are open.

Remove the cover and keep it off whilst you are
undertaking this treatment.

Ensure your circulation is running for a minimum of
1 hour to achieve the best results of the Oxy-shock treatment.

Retest your water using our Palintest 6 in 1 testing
strips to make sure your water has returned to the recommended levels.

note that using Non-Chlorine Oxy Shock can reinvigorate dormant bromine which
may increase your bromine levels, ensure correct testing is completed before


When the chemical levels of your hot tub are properly adjusted, the yellow appearance of your water should go away.

If you have followed the above and
still experiencing trouble getting rid of the yellow colouration to your hot
tub water, contact one of the SpaChem team today on:

02921 280422 or
WhatsApp on




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