Why do I need to need to test the water before I fill my hot tub?

Why do I need to need to test the water before I fill my hot tub?

Understanding your pool and hot tub water chemistry just got easier, thanks to a new water analysis testing service launched by SpaChem.

If you are a new hot tub owner or even if you have had your spa for a while, understanding and managing the chemistry and balance of your water can be overwhelming. Whilst most people opt for the popular 3in1 or 6in1 testing strips, these tiny squares of reagent colours in themselves can prove to be tricky to interpret and decipher what chemicals you need and importantly in what order to use them to ensure the balance and safety of your water.

The SpaChem team are here to support you with all things water-chemical related for your hot tubs and spas, so have put their heads together and are proud to announce that we have launched our water testing analysis service. This new service has been launched this week to help you understand the full spectrum of chemicals within your incoming water supply, and here’s the best bit, how then to effectively manage your hot tub and spa water and the chemicals you need to achieve the perfect water balance. We offer a range of chemicals for hot tubs.

Using the most advanced, precise wet chemistry water testing, our water analysis testing service goes beyond the parameters of your at-home testing strips, and will give you accurate readings for:


Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine


pH balancers

Calcium Hardness

Total Alkalinity

Cyanuric Acid






Why do I need to need to test the water before I fill my hot tub?

By fully understanding the mains water you are using to fill your pool or hot tub, our water analysis testing service will help you:

Manage your water chemistry more effectively.

Reduce having to fully drain your hot tub due to unbalanced water.

Maintain crystal clear water.

Extend the life cycle of the water within your hot tub.

Reduce chemical costs – as we will coach you on how to use the right chemicals, at the right time and in the correct quantity.


How does water analysis testing work?

You simply choose which water testing package you would like from one off testing through to 6-monthly testing. We will send you a water collection pot with a pre-paid pouch for you to take a sample of either your mains water or your spa/hot tub/pool water to send back to us. One of our water management experts will then complete a full test of your water and email you a report within 72 hours including a full breakdown of your results, our expert recommendations on how to manage your water, the chemicals you need, quantities of chemicals to use and the order in which to use the chemicals to achieve the perfect water balance.

Throughout the UK, the water source chemical spectrum varies depending on the area in which you live. Our water analysis testing service takes place straight from the water source within your own home so you can be confident that the readings you are getting from the service are the most accurate and up to date possible for your particular use. 

If you would like to fully understand the chemicals in your water, how to achieve the perfect water balance and the additional chemicals you should use to maintain crystal clear water, then all of this can be done from the safety of your own home. Simply visit our website by clicking on our Water Testing link or for more information on this new at-home service, contact one of the SpaChem team today: 02920 280422 or WhatsApp on 07540 184405. We will be more than happy to help, or you can check out The Hot Tub Chemicals Guide.