‘Tiers’ the season to stay at home and enjoy your inflatable hot tub

‘Tiers’ the season to stay at home and enjoy your inflatable hot tub

With the new tier system now in force across England this week, more households than ever have been placed into the highest level of the tougher new system. Staying at home to stay safe has become the new norm for many, and with this we have seen a steep rise in the number of people opting to try inflatable hot tubs for the first time.

Inflatable hot tubs are a great cost-effective way for many first-time spa users to dip their toes into the world of owning an at-home solution before taking the plunge and investing in their more permanent solution cousins.

To support the SpaChem team have put together the following top tips to help keep your inflatable hot tub in perfect working order.

Should I keep the motor running on my inflatable hot tub?

In our experience, if you are planning on using your inflatable spa on three occasions (or more) each week, then it would work out to be more cost-effective to keep the heater function running. As most of the manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs now use thermostatically controlled heaters, it’s worthwhile setting the temperature of your water slightly lower (around 30°C) when not in use and simply increase this up to the desired user temperature when you are wanting to use your spa.

Remember using the cover/lid provided when your inflatable hot tub is not in use is one of the most effective ways of maintaining the temperature of your water.

Should I use chemicals in the water of my inflatable hot tub?

The quickest answer here is yes!, to support many first-time hot tub owners, the water management team at SpaChem have put together a great cost-effective starter bundle of chemicals to help you keep your water at the perfect level. Starter Bundle – Chlorine

SpaChem Bundle Deal, All you need in one purchase:

1 x 1kg pH Plus

1 x 1kg pH & Alkalinity Reducer,

1 x 1kg Total Alkalinity Increaser,

2 x 3 in 1 Test Strip

1 x 5kg Chlorine Granules,

Don’t forget we are always on hand to support and advise how to use your hot tub chemicals safely and effectively. CONTACT US TODAY

Should I clean the filter in my inflatable spa and how often?

The filter in your inflatable hot tub needs weekly attention and maintenance to ensure that your pump works effectively. In essence, the filter protects your pump by catching all the loose particles and dirt that contaminates your water.

The SpaChem team advises that you have at least 2 filters for your hot tub. Each week you should remove your hot tub filter, replacing it with a spare clean, dry filter which you can then use in rotation.

For more help and information about how to look after your filter, visit our filter care blog 

Although looking after your inflatable hot tub may seem a bit overwhelming to begin with, as soon as you get into your daily and weekly routines, they become second-nature. Our three top tips for total beginners are:


Keep your motor running

Test and adapt the chemicals in your water daily

Keep your filters clean

If you experience any difficulties getting going with your inflatable hot tub or would like more information about which products to use and when, give us a call on: 02920 280422 or WhatsApp on 07540 184405.



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