Lifterless Hot Tub & Spa Covers

Lifterless Hot Tub & Spa Covers

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Lifterless Hot Tub & Spa Covers.

Yes, you've read the title correct a LIFTERLESS hot tub cover, here at SpaChem where always pushing the boundary on how we can simplify the customers experience of using a hot tub, this is why SpaChem has teamed up with its manufacturer to bring to market the all new lifterless weather-shield hot tub cover for above ground hot tubs and yes our new lifterless cover does exactly what is says on the tin.  Our lifterless cover still holds the cover above the decking when in the upright position and the cover is secured to the tub itself which means a marked reduction in the potential of any fly away lids in windy weather.

- Light opening function, easy to use and no unsightly cover lifters needed
- Our Weather-shield hot tub cover not only 3X stronger than a standard vinyl cover, but its also 50% lighter and 100% better, other key features include:
- 100% Solution Dyed Polyester
- High UV and mildew & mould resistance
- Highly water resistant
- Excellent tear and abrasion resistance

Why don't you check it out for yourself - Click
here for video
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