The Pool & Spa – Microorganism Testing

The Pool & Spa – Microorganism Testing

So far, we’ve discussed testing
water balance and active biocide levels. Both are very important and should be
tested on a daily or weekly basis depending on your ratings.

Today, we discuss microorganism
water testing and Legionella.

Although this word on its own may
mean very little to you, you may have heard of Legionnaire disease – potentially
fatal pneumonia. It is caused by the bacterium, Legionella pneumophila.
Bacteria such as this and other similar types are commonly found in natural
sources of water such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. What you may not know is
that they can also be found in purpose-built water systems such as cooling
towers, hot/cold water systems, spa’s and pools. This means that any pool filled from
the tap could potentially have Legionella growing in it.

Ordinarily, this is nothing to be
concerned about. For responsible pool owners who follow proper testing regimes
and biocide monitoring, you will be able to manage this with spa and pool chemicals.
This bacterium and others like it are part of the reason that keeping your
biocide levels correct is so vital. It is imperative, therefore, that readings
are taken on a daily or weekly basis and consistently throughout the year.

Those working in the pool and spa
industry are required to undertake a risk assessment for their pools and hot
tubs regularly. This will show whether the levels of Legionella and other
microorganisms are at a safe or dangerous point. These risk assessments should
be undertaken on a quarterly basis and action taken when required. This testing
process is relatively easy.

When deciding on a testing company,
ensure they are UKAS-accredited laboratory which takes part in the Water
Microbiology Proficiency Testing scheme. You will receive sample bottle/s and
directions on how to take and return the samples. Your results should be
returned within weeks, giving you a full insight into how your pool fares.

For in-depth information on
Legionella, visit the Health and
Safety Executive
here. Alternatively, contact us today. Our Total Chemical Solutions team are always here
to answer any of your questions. 



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