pH & Alkalinity Minus 5kg - CPF Solutions, SCT10015966-2

CPF Solutions pH Alkalinity Reducer or bulk pH minus  - Correct pH and Alkalinity water balance in pool water or spa water is vital to ensure comfortable bathing conditions, maximum efficiency from the sanitizer and to help maintain the fabric of the spa and hot tub. So how do you know your on the right track;

Correct ideal pH reading should be between 7.2 – 7.6 

  • High Grade & Quality pH Minus / pH Reducer

  • Helps balance and reduce pH Levels in your Hot Tub, Swimming Pool or Spa

  • Ensure your Total Alkalinity (Your Buffer) is balanced

  • To reduce pH readings add 10g per 1000 ltrs of Spa and Hot Tub water, sprinkling product directly to the water with circulation on. This application will lower the pH by approximately 0.2ppm

  • Use a good quality test kit to determine the pH and/or the Total Alkalinity reading.

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pH & Alkalinity Minus 5kg - CPF Solutions

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