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Hot Tub Accessories & Hot Tub Parts

Great you’ve managed to get a hot tub and the price was just right, but now you need some hot tub accessories to get the best out of your tub?. Looking for some new steps, perhaps a new cover or cover lifter, but then you find you have no bubbles or the tubs not heating up quick enough and then you find two of the massage jets have snapped. Step back take two minutes as SpaChem™ has a full range of pumps, jets, lights, heating elements, and more that can be delivered straight to your door from North to South, East to West, United Kingdom, we’ve got you covered.

So rather than get all worked up, let SpaChem™ do the digging and find the parts you need at the best price possible, if you don’t find it on our website that doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Drop us a quick message on our contact page and we will get cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use PPE when adding chemicals to my hot tub?

We recommend using PPE when handling chemicals, especially the pool and hot tub chemicals. If your hot tub is situated in an indoor space or with a canopy, it is possible for the chemicals you add to the water to produce fumes; wearing a face mask with a filter will help you from breathing in those fumes. Wearing the right PPE for the job will always keep you safe. 

Why do I need a pool or hot tub cover?

Using a hot tub or pool cover will keep your water from getting contaminated by debris, dirt and even animals depending on where you live. Using a cover will minimise the amount of time you will need to spend cleaning the pool; not only that, but it will also help protect your filters from clogging and any damage. 

Where can I get a replacement heater for my hot tub?

Right here at SpaChem, you can choose the replacement heater you need for your hot tub; with a range of brands available, we are confident you will find what you need. By finding the right heater for your hot tub, you can replace it when the current one breaks without any worry. 

Is it possible to get replacement pipes for my hot tub?

Yes! Here at SpaChem, we take great pride in offering our clients everything you need to make sure your hot tub or pool will work all year round. With access to a range of pipes and plumbing accessories, you can repair or fix any leaks and damage that occurs over time.