Consultancy & Servicing

With our professional staff, we know that we can provide the best level of customer service; which is why when you require any specialist advice, you can rely on our team here at SpaChem Limited. Everyone in the team has a great amount of knowledge in terms of spas and hot tubs, including our Managing Director, who has been within the hospitality & leisure industry for over 20 years. In conjunction with this experience, he has managed over 580 hot tubs – immediately making his experience paramount. As well that, he has special expertise in spa & hot tub management, spa & pool chemicals, legionella and spa procedures. Our team here thrive when working with him, and gain a great amount of knowledge every single day.

We offer a unique consultancy service – we’re not just another spa & hot tub chemical retailer on the web (which in itself is also rare) but we are a hot tub & spa retailer and consultancy team. We enjoy meeting new people and we most of all enjoy providing a reliable service that can be trusted by anyone. Whether you’re having any specific difficulties with your pool, hot tub or spa, you can freely give us a call for advice, and we would be more than happy to come to you to deal with the problem head-on.  
To find out more about our spa & hot tub consultancy service, drop a message via our contact us form and one of the team will get right back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need hot tub consultancy services? 

A consult with a professional hot tub expert will ensure your hot tub is safe and ready to use. Our team at SpaChem can offer you a wide range of consultancy services that make owning a hot tub or pool easy. 

With several years of experience and understanding, your hot tub or pool will be in perfect condition. 

Why do I need to take a training course? 

One of the biggest reasons to take our COSHH training course is that you can learn everything you need about pool and hot tub chemical safety with just a little bit of your time. For £30 inc VAT, you can take the course from the comfort of your own home; once you have taken the course, you will have the understanding you need to work with your pool and hot tub chemicals safely. 

Should I invest in a hot tub care package? 

Yes! Investing in one of our hot tub packages means you do not need to worry; whether you are looking to have your hot tub shut down for winter or get it back ready for use over the summer, it will take all the stress away from you. It is a valuable investment if you want your hot tub to last the test of time. 

Why should I buy a hot tub deep cleaning package? 

Hot tubs are notorious for germs, parasites and bacteria; without proper cleaning, they can be incredibly unhygienic. But without proper cleaning, a professional hot tub deep cleaning package will help ensure that your hot tub is not only clean but safe for everyone who uses it.

Professional deep cleaning services take the time to make sure not just the prominent places are clean; they will also check pipework is clean, filters and water pumps. 

Should a professional carry out my water testing? 

Testing your water can be tricky, mainly if you use several chemicals in your pool or hot tub. One of the best ways to ensure the chemical levels in your hot tub and pool are safe is to let a professional carry out the testing. Water management is possible over winter, but if you are using your hot tub for the entire summer, you are better off having a professional carry out the water testing.

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