Water Testing Services

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At SpaChem we understand that managing your pool and hot tub water can indeed be very tricky, whilst the simplest form of testing is using 3in1 or 6in1 test strips which give you the base to managing water, however whilst these formats are simple, they are sometime not always reliable, its worth noting that the storage of your test strips is important to ensuring the active reagents on them don’t get damaged or spoilt whilst in storage.

When managing water its important to not only know what your readings are, but to also fully understand your water makeup, which in turn will allow you to effectively balance and treat your hot tub or pool water, this will extend the life of your hot tub water and reduce the potential costly elements of having to drain your tub more than you really need.

SpaChem now offers a full spectrum of water testing, giving you a full range of readings to help you manage your water with more tools and knowhow, completing a full water test ensures you are fully aware your water readings, which a standard test strip won’t be able to show you.  This will allow you to act accordingly to balance those unseen parameters that can have a huge effective on how your balancers and sanitisers work.  

SpaChem uses the most advanced system for precise wet chemistry testing, Our pool and spa analysts can achieve precision results using the latest technology and putting the power and knowledge back in your hands to aid you in managing your hot tub or pool water efficiently.