Hot Tub Chemicals

At SpaChem™, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of state-of-the-art hot tub chemicals UK and spa cleaning chemicals, designed specifically for your hot tubs and spas. You can get in touch for support or more information on our services and online shop.
A hot tub, swim spa or pool is a fantastic addition to any garden or household and is one of the best places to unwind after a long day or enjoy a relaxing drink with friends, and kids love it too. It’s important that you keep hot tubs clean and working properly, as not only will this ensure it has a longer life, but also that it’s safe for everyone who uses it.

So what is it you need, the type of products that your hot tub or swim spa needs depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of tub
  • The area you live in and the water your property receives should all be taken into account when purchasing products for your tub
  • For optimum sanitation and water care, make sure you read all instructions carefully to ensure you dose effectively.
  • If you’re in doubt, contact us and we will help explain how to use each of our products.

So here are the basics:

  • You’ll need testing strips, 3in1 for Chlorine or 6in1 for Bromine.
  • Primary sanitiser – Either Chlorine or Bromine you can’t use both.
  • Tablet format of the chosen primary sanitiser with a dispenser 
  • Water balancers – Depending on your test strip results you may need either pH Plus, pH Minus, and Total Alkalinity Increaser.
  • A shock treatment – Non-Chlorine Oxy Shock.
  • A Spa Enhancer – No Foam, Spa Sparkle.
  • A Filter Cleaner as instant filters cleaners are only a temporary product, soaking your filters in a filter cleaner will prolong filter life.
  • Deep Cleaning solution like Chlorine Dioxide for a super deep clean down regime.
  • Have a good strong weekly cleaning regime which includes cover lifters, steps, jets & headrests.

We stock a wide range of everything you need for keeping your hot tub in tip-top condition, including Chlorine, chlorine granules, balancers, Bromine, filter cleaners, spa enhancers, scale removers, water softeners, the all-important test strips, and many more products designed exclusively to enhance your hot tub water and hot tub experience.

At SpaChem™, we combine an expert understanding of sanitation with years of experience in the hot tub and spa industry. We pride ourselves on providing professional-grade products that get the job done efficiently and effectively. If you need advice on how best to care for and clean your hot tub, contact one of our friendly team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use chemicals in my hot tub? 

No! We would never recommend using your hot tub without any chemicals; your machine needs to run using sanitisers; otherwise, your hot tub will be prone to bacteria. If you do not use hot tub chemicals, you will be putting yourself and anyone else who uses your hot tub at risk. 

If you want to keep your hot tub in the best working condition, which is also safe for all its users, then you need to invest in the right hot tub chemicals and sanitisers for clean and safe water. 

What does pH mean?

pH is the scientific term used to describe whether your hot tub water is alkaline or acidic, with the perfect range being between 7.2 and 7.6; this can vary greatly depending on the hot tub chemicals you use. If your hot tub is too acidic or has too much alkaline, it can have a significant effect on your hot tub safety. 

How long do hot tub chemicals last?

The time your hot tub chemicals will last depends on the manufacturer; we recommend you read the instructions or packaging to find their specific guidelines. You need to take into account the amount you use, the correct way to store the chemicals, and their expiry dates. Please remember to keep your hot tub chemicals away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

How long after adding chemicals to my hot tub till I can use it? 

 As a general rule, we always recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before going in your hot tub after putting in any hot tub chemical. To be safe, we recommend you check the guidance on each chemical, with ones such as Bromine needing longer to settle before you can use the hot tub. Remember not to put the cover on immediately after putting hot tub chemicals in; this will help vapour escape. 

Which is better to use, Bromine or Chlorine? 

If you are unsure which chemical to use, one thing to note is that Bromine is much gentler on the skin compared to Chlorine. This is especially the case if you use your hot tub regularly. But it is a personal preference for most hot tub users.