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Bromine Granules & Tablets for Hot Tubs

Bromine for hot tubs is a chemical that can be used for hot tub cleaning, It is a less acidic, calcium-free alternative to chlorine. That isn’t to say that bromine isn’t without its drawbacks, but for some hot tubs or swimming pools, it is the best way to ensure crystal clear water and effective at killing bacteria for a healthy tub or swimming pool.

The top 6 things you need to know about bromine infused granules & tablets:

  • It’s stable in higher temperature & hot water environments and is a highly effective sanitizer

  • It has a better longevity in spa water, but can also work effectively and be just a s stable in pools too

  • It’s less likely to cause irritation, especially for customers with sensitive skin

  • Available in Granular and Tablet formats (Tablets can be used in a floating dispenser or filter basket via a dispensing unit)

  • Unspent or dormant sanitizer can be re-activated with NonChlorine Shock Granules 

  • It’s flexible enough to work in a wider range of pH levels & Alkalinity levels


Key factors around using bromine infused granules in your spa:

  • The type of sanitizer your tub needs depends mainly on the pH of the water that your property receives.

  • Using the correct bromine test kit or test strips is key to ensure the best water care for your hot tub, but remember bromine levels in hot tubs run slightly higher than chlorine levels

  • If your water has a pH of 1.5 – 3.0 parts per million, you should use chlorine.

  • If it has a pH of 3.0 – 5.0, will be more effective.

  • Bromine granules and tablets for hot tubs are a more effective sanitiser in warmer temperatures and for maintaining effective brominate readings

  • So you can have your hot tub nice and hot without worrying about the hygiene side of things.

  • Granules are rapidly dissolving granules and can be added directly to the water.

  • To increase the reading of the spa or hot tub water by 1ppm add 3g of spa brominate Granules per 1000lts of water.


Unlike chlorine granules and chlorine tablets, bromine is not very odorous: So for some, this is a preferable sanitiser. However, as with any chemical sanitation system, bromine has its disadvantages. In small quantities dissolved into the hot tub water, bromine is not too harmful, but it is naturally irritant to the human eyes and throat, so it’s best to avoid these areas and make sure you don’t swallow any hot tub water! 

If you go for a swim or a dip on your spa and experience any negative side effects on your health as a result of using bromine in your hot tub, wash the affected area with fresh water immediately, and seek medical advice.


My Hot Tub water seems to smell all the time:

Are you finding as time goes on your spa smells? Looking forward to a nice relaxing soak in your spa but when you open up your spa cover you get this unpleasant odour? But the temptation of getting into what looks like a nice clean spa may have underlying issues.  A hot tub that smells like rotten eggs is a sure sign that bacteria is hiding somewhere in your spa, spa parts, Jets, headrests, and spa cover. 


At SpaChem, we pride ourselves on being much more than just a provider of hot tub chemicals online. Whether you new or old hat at managing spas, our team of professionals is on hand to give you tip top advice on hot tub maintenance, and how to get the best out of each of our products, simply head over to view our full range of blogs which can answer questions like “which is better chlorine or bromine”, “how do you use bromine granules” and so many more view points on the granule and tablet formats?.

Our products are available in varying quantities, granules in 1kg & 5kg, also tablets for spas in 1kg & 5kg all in our spa chemicals section. Our bromine conforms to the regulations of the biocidal product (BPR for short), so you can buy in confidence and no need to search for bromine granules near me as we deliver throughout the U.K.