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Whether you are just starting out with a new spa, inflatable spa, hot tub or ground swimming pool and you need something to get you going then look no further. Here at SpaChem we have a wide range of quality and affordable chemical start packs that will you help to properly maintain the water of your new addition. The last thing you want is to invest in your new addition and to find you can’t use it because you don’t have the right chemicals.

Our chemical starter packs start from a basic pack that includes primary sanitiser (bromine or chlorine), pH balancers, total alkalinity increaser and test strips. Our wide range of chemical start packs work up to premium plus start packs covering everything you need. So when you are looking for the perfect starter kit, no look no further than SpaChem.

Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kits

Here at SpaChem, we understand how exciting it is when you purchase a new hot tub, but we also know how disappointing it is when you don’t have the right chemicals to get you started. That is why we have developed our hot tub chemical starter kits, so as soon as you get your new addition you can get on with enjoying it. Whether you need more chlorine or foam remover, you can rest assured that we have your needs covered. With our hot tub chemical starter kits you can pop the prosecco, get the girls round and have a fabulous evening.

What’s more when you purchase clearwater chemical starter packs from SpaChem, you will get excellent service from our customer care team. If you aren’t sure what hot tub chemical starter kit will be best for you, be sure to get in touch with SpaChem where members of our professional team are always on hand to help.

Ground Swimming Pool

Have you recently had a ground swimming pool installed that you need chemicals for? Then look no further, here at SpaChem we have an extensive range of chemical starter kits and bundles for you to choose from. All of our ground swimming pool starter kits include test strips for you to test the water levels, our test strips indicate chlorine levels, increasing pH, and decreasing pH. They are ideal for disinfecting pools and maintaining the right chemical balance so your new pool is always ready to use.

Our fully trained and professional customer care team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about chemical starter kits, so if you are a new pool user and require further information please don’t hesitate to contact the SpaChem team.

New Hot Tub Users

New hot tub users look no further. We have an extensive range of products that can assist with the chemical water treatment of your new spa. With our high quality and affordable starter packs you can rest assured that you will receiving exclusive discounts that you won’t find elsewhere. From foam remover to chlorine granules we have everything you need so you can enjoy the maximum amount of time in your hot tub.

Here at SpaChem we have an excellent reputation for the products we supply to hot tub users across the UK and the customer service that we provide to customers too, so while you can easily order your spa chemical starter kit online, you can also speak to us if you need further assistance.

Inflatable Hot Tub Users

Here at SpaChem we know that your spa’s chemical levels are essential when it comes to you enjoying time in your inflatable hot tub or pool. That is why we endeavour to supply a wide range of products that are suitable in both inflatable and built in spas. Our supplied products have a range of benefits including:

  • Great all rounder starter kits for hot tub and pool owners
  • Contains essential chemicals for maintaining clear water
  • Helps to keep water safe and prevent algae
  • Includes chlorine granules, pH minus, pH plus, and test strips
  • Pool treatment guides included

So if you are an inflatable hot tub user, you can count on SpaChem to have all of your needs covered. Our effective water treatment means you can enjoy the many benefits your inflatable hot tub has to offer.

Why Choose SpaChem for Chemical Start Kits?

Here at SpaChem we have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things pools and hot tubs. Whether you are searching for hot tub chemical starter kits or inflatable hot tub care you can have complete peace of mind that we have all of your needs covered.
Our chemical start kits are the perfect choice for home spas and pools. What’s more, as our chemical starter kits are suitable for a number of industry leading brands, you can trust that no matter what brand of hot tub you have, we have a chemical starter kit that is suitable for you.

Buy Online Chemical Starter Kits

When you are looking to buy chemical starter kits online look no further. With our wide range of starter kits including everything you need, there is no need to go elsewhere.

Whether you are looking for a basic starter kit or a premium starter kit, you can rest assured that SpaChem has you covered. Our chemical starter bundle packs are ideal for use in pools, built in hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs, with everything from chlorine granules to pH minus, chemical testing strips and antifoam granules.

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