HTH Product Range

Our collection of HTH Products have been designed to effectively and powerfully deal with large bodies of water. As a leading option for professional pool treatments, these dry chlorine products are one of the safest and most economical ways in which to treat pool water.

Provided in smaller packaging and reducing the need for excessive storage space, HTH products use fewer chemicals when dealing with PH correction issues and commonly waste less water in the process. When used outdoors, HTH has been shown to provide lower levels of TDF (Total Dissolved Solids), thereby reducing the risk of plant corrosion. They are also extremely versatile, being suitable for both hot and soft water conditions.

Here at SpaChem, we have a wide selection of HTH products to suit your businesses individual needs. From HTH Granules through to HTH Briquettes in varying volumes up to 40kg, we are proud to supply both domestic and commercial environments. Each HTH product is supplied in a compact and easily stored plastic tub with a secure lid – allowing areas limited in space to benefit from its powerful performance.

For companies looking to reduce expenditure and increase the productivity of their cleaning efforts, HTH products could be the perfect solution. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact our expert team here at SpaChem. With a wealth of knowledge in the professional pool industry, we’re always here to provide advice and recommendations for your environment.

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