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With a vast array of filters available it can be mind-blowing to find the right filter length, diameter and then you find the one that’s close and you realize you need the thread type and the thread diameter as well, it can be tricky to find the right one. SpaChem’s extensive range of spa hot tub filters are all competitively priced and our universal range means you can find the equivalent Magnum, Darlly, Pleatco, Unicel, and Filbur filters right at the end of your fingers tips, all of which will be suitable for you and your spa.

SpaChem’s search bar at the top of our page is right here to help, enter in the thread or hole diameter in mm and all relevant filters will display in a hand little drop-down for you to see, so that’s search options one covered and we also have our team at hand if you would simply like to just speak to someone and get some reassurance that you’re on the right track.

We cover a vast array of spa manufacturers, so we’re sure we can find the right filter for you and your spa water….. if by a small chance we don’t stock your filter we will simply help you find who does and drop you all the info you need to make sure you have the right filter. Choose SpaChem and get the best results as well as a clean and healthy spa, we also aim to ensure value for money when it comes to our filtering products.

Spa Filter Cartridges

When it comes to spa filters and spa filter cartridges, here at SpaChem we stock and supply a large range of spa and hot tub filters to our customers across the UK. There are so many options available that will suit different types of spas and hot tubs, from different brands and manufacturers to spa filter cleaners, we have got you covered. The SpaChem team can always be on hand to help you and make sure that you get the very best spa filter for your spa or hot tub. By using spa filters, they will get rid of dirt and grime and you are making sure that your spa or hot tub will be used to the maximum efficiency. When choosing the right filter or filter cartridge for your spa, you’ll need to make sure that you consider the type of spa you have as well as the spa brand or manufacturer. This is where the SpaChem customer care team can help you, we can always be on hand to provide you with the correct spa filters.

Hot Tub Spa Filters

Your spa filter will be a vital part for your spa or hot tub, spa filters come include a cover and a filter, the filter is needed to help catching dirt and removing contaminants or debris from the spa and hot tub water, allowing you to relax, enjoy and reap the benefits from owning your own spa. We recommend that you use high quality spa filters for your hot tub or spa, they will help to keep the water clear and also ensure the very best performance as well as an enjoyable experience. At SpaChem we offer some of the best spa filters available, we only provide a range of top quality spa filters from the best manufacturers. Our expert team can be on hand to help you and make sure that you have everything to ensure the best spa experience. Should you have any questions, or if you need more information, call SpaChem today. You can also check out the range of spa filters that we sell online today. As experts we also ensure that you have two sets of spa filters for your spa, this is so that you can clean them and rotate them. Continuously cleaning them will only make your spa filter last longer. At SpaChem we stock a large range of spa filters, just take a look at our options online today.

Can I run my spa without a filter?

You can, however we do not recommend this, running the pump in a spa without a filter will only lead to clogged pump impellers as well as a fast decline in the water quality. A spa filter is an essential feature to your spa or hot tub. Should you need a new filter, we recommend that you replace it as soon as possible. While waiting for a new filter, you should run the pump at a low speed, don’t turn it off completely.

What type of filter is used to run a spa?

The filters that are required for spas are a suction type filter, they are the most common type of filter and are used in most spas and hot tubs. The filter system will be located on the top of the spa or hot tub, this is to ensure easy access, they will also be much bigger in comparison to other types of filters, this makes them a lot more easier to maintain.

How long do spa filters last?

When it comes to a spa filter, its lifespan all depends on a number of factors, a good quality filter can last anywhere from two to five years. It will depend on how much the spa is being used, as well as if it is being cleaned and maintained properly. When it comes to spa owners who use their hot tub often, they should expect their spa filter to last 3 years maximum. The type of water will also affect the spa filter, hard water will cause calcium to build up on the filter and will lead to serious damage to the spa filter over time. In some cases, the spa filter may turn green or brown, or it may fall apart when being cleaned, again, this is another sign that it will need replacing. At SpaChem our experts recommend that you clean your spa filter as much as possible, it should be done monthly and you can also use a special chemical spray on it to protect the filter. Our specialists advise that you clean your spa or hot tub filter every three months, this will always make sure that all spas work correctly.

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