Water Treatment

Whether you have your own domestic pool or spa or whether you have one as part of your commercial interest, ensuring that the water is hygienic and safe to use is vital. Every day, pool water is exposed to various elements and organic and inorganic debris from both the environment and bathers themselves become introduced into the water. Filtration isn’t enough to eradicate these compounds and that’s why water treatments need to be carried out to ensure pleasant and healthy bathing conditions every day.

Getting your water treatment process right is essential and that’s why SpaChem makes it easy by stocking a range of the best quality water treatment products that are sure to suit your needs whatever size or type of pool you have from a large public facility to a hot tub in your back garden.

When it comes to treating pool water, whether in a public or private setting, ease, convenience and effectiveness are the three primary considerations. SpaChem has taken this on board with our range of only the most easy to use and highly effective water treatments that are a breeze to apply and which promise great results.

SpaChem’s selection of high quality water treatment products should be your first choice when looking for effective and good value shock treatments for spas and pools. Suitable for routine use the range comprises different product sizes, strengths and concentrations to suit every need. From liquid disinfectants and sanitizers to granules, SpaChem’s water treatment products are ideal for use in either heavily used or low bather load pools and for either direct dosing or for dosing through injection and pumping equipment.


Kill the bacteria and break down organic contaminants that can harm human health with these reliable quality products and ensure that bathing is hygienic, safe and fun.