Vertex Safety Cover

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Product Description

The Vertex Spa Safety Cover is the new revolutionary spa & hot tub cover for your tub, this new hot tub lid is 3 x stronger, more efficient, lasts longer, environmentally friendly & field serviceable. Out with the old and in with the new.

Requires only 10 psi to keep an entire family safe. Withstands 1000 + Lbs Snow Load. MIT study showed panels will not break under force.

Vertex panels contain 1000s of small fibres which stabilize the air for increased efficiency. The material is impervious to moisture and will not absorb water like traditional EPS foam cores. The patented gasket system eliminates heat loss at hinge.

Vertex will not absorb water which is the major failure of traditional spa covers. Additionally, because it 3x stronger, snow loads nor people can break the cover by standing on the product.

Traditional Spa Covers use EPS foam which is a known environmental pollutant. EPS foam has been banned in 17 cities in US for food packaging due to the harmful nature of the product. Vertex uses recyclable materials, uses less energy for transportation and reduces operation cost of hot tub.

In the event any component fails on the Vertex, 100% of the cover can be repaired in the field without returning to manufacturer.

So what’s it all about, a Dual Bladder, with Drop Stitch Construction supports over 500 pounds, this combined with a Weather Shield canvas as standard (say goodbye to cracked vinyl, ripped skirts and fading colour), the Vertex will never absorb water. The branded duffle bag comes with pump and is available in 3 colours – Black, Espresso & Shadow.


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