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SpaPal inline tablet feeder for Chlorine or Bromine tablets. (trade discounts available on box quantities) this great Sanitiser Dispenser which cab be added to any spa, hot tub or swim spa will help maintain those disinfectant levels 24hrs a day, falling in line with the recommendations the SpaPal can be fitted BEFORE the filter to dispense dissolved Bromine or Chlorine Tablets, as recommended in the Guidance HSG 282.


SpaPal can be situated virtually anywhere in your spa, hot tub, or swim spa. The SpaPal holds up to 6 tablets with an adjustable feed rate for total control, giving you the option to dial up the SpaPal to increase Chlorine or Bromine levels or dial down to decrease. SpaPal can be affixed to the shell of your spa, hot tub or swim spa and can also be fixed or cabled tied to the weir basket, gone are the days of floating dispensers which simply get in the way or are even removed by customers which are then leaving you at risk.

SpaPal is easily topped up with tablets and with its transparent blend of polycarbonate and amorphous polyester, the strong chemical resistance plus clarity Xylex Resins structure, not only gives you strength in a harsh chemical environment but means you can visibly see when it needs to be topped up.

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