Deep Clean – Gold

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Product Description

SpaChem’s deep clean service – GOLD really leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to this package, whilst it encompasses all the aspects of the deep clean silver package, our team really up the anti to take control of managing your hot tub, not only is your tub being looked after but we also take a water sample of the water before draining and after cleaning to not only see what is happening beneath your tub, but also the amazing results of our anti-biological treatment which is turning your hot tub into a far safer environment to be in.

Again using our highly effective anti-biological dose of chemical (2 tablets) normally used in a commercial environment where the usage is very high we will be creating a safer environment for you and your family to bath in. Our team pride themselves on delivering an exceptional service and no question is a silly question.

Deep Clean – Gold
• External visual hot tub check (Includes Lifter & Cover)
• Internal visual hot tub check*
• On location bacterial test
• Full water test covering:  Free ChlorineTotal ChlorineBromine, pH, Calcium Hardness, Total AlkalinityCyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Phosphate, Salt
• Dose with highly effective anti-microbiological application 2 tablets
• Clean hot tub side panels & corners
• Clean hot tub cover and use leather restorer
• Drain & clean shell
• Soak & clean filter in highly effective filter cleaner granules
• Refill and test water levels
• Chemically dose to correct balance.
• Question time / advice and support
• Hot tub maintenance log card created and pdf report emailed


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