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It’s no hidden secret that managing hot tub or swimming pool water with standard test strips can be trick at the best of times, standard test strips are limited to the reagent squares that are on them and you are limited to a max of 6 readings which can only be part of the story to managing you hot tub or pool water effectively.

SpaChem is offering a full water test on your hot tub, swimming pool or incoming household mains water to better arm you with the knowledge of knowing how your water chemistry is made up, which will aid and help you in effectively managing your water and to take to right actions to ensure the best balanced environment for your primary sanitsers to work as efficiently as it can.

As we know water source throughout the UK vary hugely from north to south and east to west, this is also extenuated when you factor in borehole water, spring water, well water and even piped mains water can fluctuate, which creates a challenge especially when you’ve just completed a new fresh refill and what you thought you knew has changed.

Our water testing service from the comfort of your own home covers a full range of water chemistry testing:

  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • pH
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Phosphate
  • Salt

We offer, one off testing, 6 monthly testing and quarterly testing packages, our 6 monthly and quarterly testing packages are scheduled in and you will receive our water sample pots automatically at the set intervals from the time start your service.

So how does it work, you select the service you would like, we send out our sample water collection pot with a prepaid return pouch, your take a sample or either your hot tub water or incoming mains water and return back to us, our team will then complete the water test and your will receive your full report within 48-72hrs, within our report you will see a fill breakdown of the result and recommendations to help you manage your water more effectively. 

Additional Information

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Water Testing Service

One Off Water Test, 6 Monthly Testing (Total of 2 Tests), Quarterly Testing (Total of 4 Tests), Monthly Water Testing (Total of 12 Tests)

Type of Water Test

Hot Tub / Pool Water Test, Incoming Water Test


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