Chlorine Dioxide 250 x 20g

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Chlorine Dioxide is an effective tool for water purification. Suitable for use in gyms, pools or spas, it effectively kills of bacterias commonly found in communal use waters without leaving behind any noticeable taste or smell. This powerful chemical has been specifically developed for use as an anti-microbial water control agent and has proven fast and effective results seen use after use.

These Chlorine Dioxide (Chlorogene T25) water purification tablets are noted as being the safest and most effective method. In contrast to liquid forms, they take up less space individually and reduce the need for excessive storage. Alongside this, with the formula being compactly formed within individual tablets, they are easy to use with a simple application method that takes seconds. Chlorine dioxide has been shown to produce no carcinogenic byproducts in the way that chlorine does and, in such, produces purified water that is comfortable and enjoyable to be in. When used regularly, Chlorine Dioxide water purification tablets have been shown to be vastly more effective than chlorine.

They have an efficacious effect on commonly found viruses and bacteria. Returning bathing water to a useable cleanliness, it ensures your customers will return to your business again and again. Discover an effective microbiological control solution for your spa, hot tub or pool. In addition, these water treatment tablets can be used by industrial water operators or owners to fight against biofilm and Legionella bacteria. They offer a modern approach to water treatment with outstanding results and highly effective results for every single business. For more information about these Chlorine Dioxide water cleaning tablets, contact us today.

SpaChem also offers a catalogue of on-site treatment options with our fully manages service. Designed to keep your business compliant with legal requirements and ensure the cleanliness of your water, our expert team will recommend and carry out the relevant procedures with professionalism and skill. Find out more today.

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