Bromine Tablets

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Bromine Tablets

A broad spectrum water treatment biocide specially formulated for the disinfection of swimming pool, spa and hot tub water.

Treatment The tablets must be used in an approved feeder. Use a test kit to check pH level is in the range pH 7.2-pH7.8. Check the bromine levels.


Recommended level:- Domestic pools 2.0-4.0mg/litre bromine. Commercial pools and spas 4.0-6.0mg/litre bromine.

Application: When the low level indicator is visible or visible inspection shows more Bromine Tablets are required. Place Bromine Tablets into brominator following manufacturers instructions. Adjust feeder to give bromine residual as required.

Storage & Handling: Store in a cool, dry place away from other chemicals. Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling chemicals.

Warning This container must not be used for or contaminated with other materials.

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