Chlorine Shock Granules

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Shock Granules Our Superior rapid dissolving unstabilised chlorine shock granule.Ideal for shock dosing swimming pool water ; this product is very effective towards killing bacteria and the breakdown of organic contaminants.

Test the water with a suitable test kit to determine the chlorine levels. A weekly shock dose is recommended especially during warm weather or after heavy bathing to restore water clarity and sanitiser efficiency. To increase the chlorine level by 1 mg/litre (ppm) add 150g shock granules per 100 M3. Add shock granules to raise the chlorine level to between 6-10mg/litre (ppm) Application Dissolve the Shock Granules in water in a plastic bucket. Add solution to the pool water near return inlets whilst water is circulating.

Storage & Handling Store in a cool, dry place. Contact with combustible materials may cause fire. Do not mix with other chemicals. Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling.

Warning This container must not be used for or contaminated with any other materials.

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