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Liquid Chlorine disinfectant and sanitizer for cost effective and routine use. Low cost and easy to apply shock treatment of pools and spas. Ideal for treatment of heavily used pools and indoor pools. Suitable for direct dosing or for dosage using pumping and injection equipment.

Dose Information:
To obtain maximum benefit from Liquid Chlorine, the pH of the pool water should be maintained around 7.5 and between 7.2 and 7.6 at all times. Above pH 7.6 the value of chlorine will be reduced. Over dosing tends to raise pool water pH. Use 650ml Liquid Chlorine per 100 cubic metres of pool water to raise the free chlorine level by approximately 1.0 ppm. This daily dose rate is offered as a general guide for private pools with low bather loading. Heavily used pools and those at higher temperatures may require additional dosage. Test and adjust the dose rate to maintain a minimum free chlorine level of 2.0 ppm.

Shock Dosing:
To achieve an increase in free chlorine of approximately 5.0 ppm, add 3.5 litres of Liquid Chlorine to 100 cubic metres pool water. After shock dosing check and adjust the pH as necessary.

For direct dosing, carefully transfer the required amount of Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite (Liqiud Chlorine) into a clean plastic container. Slowly pour the solution into the pool water near to the return inlets and rinse out container thoroughly after use. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when pouring Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite, avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Always read the label.

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