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If you’re looking for a cost effective swim spa, the PowerPool RS1 is the perfect choice. It comes with many of the features of the famous RS2, but has a slightly different jet system, using two pumps and four Turbo Swim jets. This set-up guarantees you enough power for a great work-out and intense relaxation. The RS1 shares its design and measurements with the RS2.Length 366 cm Width 228 cm Height 127 cm Weight (empty/full) 998/6717 kg Volume 5968 litres Spa Seats 7 Hydrotherapy Seats 2 Depth 119 cm Glowing Drink Holders Grab Bar 1 Steel Substructure Yes BlueMAAX™ insulation Yes Programmable Filter Cycles Yes 9 cm Underwater Light 2 Pump 1 (HP/speed) 2/2 Pump 2 (HP/speed) 2/2 Electric Requirements 230V 2PH N PE Head Cushions 2 Digital Colour Optics Yes WiFi Connectivity Yes Jet Total 44 Turbo Swim Jets 4 Hydrotherapy Jets 35 Aurora Cascade Jets 4 Ozone Jets 1 Stainless Steel Jets Yes Options: MP3/Bluetooth Stereo System Exercise Kit with Power Oars CleanZone™ CleanZone II™ UV Sanitizer


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