Biocides and You

Biocides and You

Here at SpaChem™, customer sanctification is our top priority. We aim to ensure that you not only enjoy your hot tub, spa or pool but also understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ behind each of the products that you use.
From this drive, our SpaChem™ FAQ series was born. Here, we start off with the cornerstone of your water health and safety management plan – biocides.

Biofilm – The Unseen Scourge

Biofilm - The Unseen Scourge

Biofilm. A word that means so much to some and so little to most. For anyone outside of the janitorial or spa industry, this illusive word may have little meaning. So, in this post, we explore what biofilm is, how it can affect your appliances and how best to remove it.