The Pool – To Automate or Not to Automate

The Pool – To Automate or Not to Automate

Being a responsible pool owner
requires a considerable amount of work and is even recognised as a full time
job in many spas. There are daily testings, weekly testings, biocide addition,
cleaning filters and various other pool maintenance tasks to perform. These are
all vital jobs to ensure the safety and comfort of your bathers and swimmers.

In comes the automated swimming
pool. Also known as a self-dosing or auto-dosing system, these modern machines
can be installed within your existing pool. In short, it will automate jobs
such as measuring and adding in biocides to your exact requirements. The only
weekly maintenance these systems require is a calibration to ensure it doses to
the correct level.

What is a self-dosing machine?

It is an electronic system that
consistently and automatically checks your pool chemical levels. According to your instructions, it will
dose the pool with the appropriate quantity of chemicals needed to keep the
water within an ideal range. These systems are made up of an electronic control
system and a chemical feeder (also known as a chemical dosing pump).

The control system tests your pool
water at regular intervals for the chemical levels it was designed for. This
can be used to return results for biocide levels, pH and Total Alkalinity. A
chemical dispenser can be used  for solid
chemicals while a dosing pump is included for liquids.

These self-dosing systems will
improve the efficiency and easy of your pool maintenance. They are an
investment purchase, costing between several hundred and several thousand
pounds. Ordinarily, these systems are developed between a spa and a
professional to help build the ideal system for your needs. Some can be
configured to send a text message regarding your pool levels and alert a repair
company of required maintenance.

There are a number of Pros and
Cons when it comes to owning a self-dosing pool system:


Easy to use

Continuous monitoring of pool

Lower costs for pool chemicals

Increased health and safety levels


Large initial costs (including
purchase and installation)

Not entirely hands free – requires
weekly calibration

If you have any questions or would like more information about self-dosing
systems, please feel free to contact us. If you already utilise a self dosing
system we would love to provide you with the chemicals you need to keep your
pool in top condition. Please browse our range of high-quality and affordable
products here



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