Tracking App

Coming Soon!

SpaChem is proud to give you a little heads up on our NEW Spa / Hot Tub Tracking App, It has everything you need to manage your spa, hot tub or swim spa.  Finally take control of not only understanding how to best manage you spa water, but to collectively consolidate all your information in once place to better make chemical dosing decisions and to extend the life of your spa water.
Capturing these details is simple and a step by step process, once you’ve completed a test on your water whether that’s with standard 3in1, 5in1 or 6in1 test strips or even via a photometer, your can enter all your results in via the app.
Once you’ve entered your chemical ranges and test results, our app working with the ideal industry standard best ranges for pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Chlorine or Bromine.  Not only this you can add all your actions on how much chemical you have added, tablets, floating dispenser setting, colour of water, foamy not foamy, scale treatments etc.  Our app will give you recommendations for right the chemicals to use and chemical amounts based on your inputted test results to support you in your hot tub journey.
Further more, our dedicated team will also be actively monitoring your results on a week by week basis and identifying any consistent trends of low or high readings and will contact you on how to better land a steadier more consistent results and support you on any area you need help on.
So what will it do?
  • Capture all your test results: pH, Free Available Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, TDS, Temperature & Filter Clean.
  • Ability to view graph and results via the logged data for your spas
  • Empower and bring greater understanding on your water management
  • Direct links to all our blogs
  • Direct links to our series of FAQ’s which are product range specific a really helpful trouble shooting guide
  • Recommended actions based on your test results and app data emailed direct to you
  • Chemical product recommendations and dosing based on entered test result
  • Calendar section to set timers, reminders & recommended actions, also filter renewals, filter cleaning, systems flushes, drain down shock treatments and more
  • Upload images of test results and attach to that days testing, this will also help our team to see the physical results and formulate recommendations more easily.
  • Buy more efficiently, we will calculate the most efficient  pack sizes based on the quantities you use for all the chemicals you use