Spa Chemicals

SpaChem Trade is dedicated to not only matching the right hot tub trade chemicals, spa trade chemicals & wholesale range of chemicals to your needs but also the trade / wholesale pricing to go with it. 

A hot tub or spa is a fantastic addition to any commercial hospitality business and is, without a doubt, a unique selling point to your customers.  The SpaChem trade team not only has the products and price for your hot tub and pool chemical needs we also have the operational experience that goes with it.

Our full range of BPR compliant spa & hot tub chemicals for trade hospitality lead businesses are high grade and high-quality in comparison to other ranges you might find, our bulk trade purchasing pack sizes make it more cost-effective for your business and delivery is within 3-5 working days throughout the U.K.

SpaChem Trade is a company that has a strong reputation for supplying and providing a comprehensive range of high-quality spa and hot tub products. We have a full range of hot tub chemicals
such as brominechlorine, algicides; and a wide range of other important treatments such as no-foamspa enhancerswater balancersspa cleaners, and shock treatments, but it doesn’t stop there check out our other categories to find out more. Or you can check out The Hot Tub Chemicals Guide.