SpaChem Bromine Granules

What are Bromine Granules?

Bromine is a chemical that has been used for years in spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools to help control bacteria growth. Bromine granules are tiny particles that contain Bromine. These Bromine granules can be added to the water in your hot tub or pool to treat bacteria and algae growth continuously.

Bromine Granules Benefits:

  • Bromine is a natural chemical, meaning it will not damage any surfaces like chlorine treatments may do overtime.
  • Bromines’ protective action does not have an odour, so you won’t smell any harsh chemicals while bathing in brominated spa water.

However, if there’s too much Bromine present, this could create a strong unpleasant smell which means you need to shock treat your spa with Sodium Bisulfate or Liquid Shock before using it again! – Bromide granule pH should always fall between the range of pH – Bromine granules are not recommended for saltwater pools.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Bromide doesn’t dissipate as quickly in water, which means it works longer than chlorine to fight bacteria and algae growth.
  • Bromines oxidising solid properties make it an effective disinfectant while also providing a pleasant smell and feel on the skin compared with chlorine! Bromine granules are also excellent because they can be used in Bromine generators, which you will not need chlorine test kits!
  • Bromine is much easier to use and maintain. Bromines primary drawback is that it does not evaporate as quickly as chlorine does, so the water needs to be circulated more often for Bromine pools vs Chlorinated pools.

Hot tub bromide granules are a good alternative for those who want the benefits of bromide without having to buy Brominator or Bromine generator systems. Hot Tub Bromide contains over 70% available Bromides making them super potent compared with other brands today!

  • Hot tub Bromide granules are clean and non-staining, making them a great alternative to Bromine.
  • Bromine granules also do not cause a strong odour or colour in your hot tub water. Bromide is softer on the skin and less irritating than chlorine, so it makes for an ideal choice if you have sensitive skin!
  • Bromide pools’ only drawback is that Bromide oxidising properties are weaker than Bromines, which means more frequent water changes will be required.

The good news is that with our bromines, you won’t need a Bromine generator, making it much easier to change out your water while keeping costs low! Shop our range of hot tub chemicals online today.