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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your hot tub, there are a few things you should know. Whether you’ve just got a new hot tub or have had one for years, we’re here to share some advice to help you to keep your hot tub clean and maintained.

At SpaChem, we have been selling hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters to customers throughout the UK for many years now, so regardless of your needs for hot tub cleaning products and accessories, we have you covered. Be sure to shop our range online to discover more information about what we do. But, with that said, let’s check out our top tips for cleaning and maintaining your hot tub.

5 Tips When Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Our experts at SpaChem are here to share some of the best tips and advice when it comes to cleaning your hot tub. No matter if you’re doing a routine clean or a deep clean, it’s always worth having a reminder of the things you should be cleaning in and around the hot tub to ensure that everything is well maintained.

1. Clean Often

Just like with your home, if you keep on top of the cleaning it won’t take as long as if you were to do it when the hot tub was desperate. Not only that, but this will help to keep better care of your hot tub and is a great way to help make it last longer. Even cleaning after each use will help to keep your pH levels correct and help prevent any stubborn marks or stains.

You should, of course, carry out a thorough clean on a regular basis where you empty the water, clean or replace the filters and inside the jets to help keep everything tip-top.

2. Invest In Quality Cleaning Products

A lot of the products you will see online or in supermarkets may be marketed to look the part, but it’s always best to shop with hot tub suppliers as this will ensure that you’re purchasing the correct products for your particular hot tub and its needs. If you require further information and advice when choosing your cleaning products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It goes without saying that you should never mix cleaning solutions or chemicals together, each product should be used separately unless stated otherwise.

3. It’s Not Just About The Hot Tub!

Your hot tub cleaning routine should not just be about cleaning the hot tub itself. You should also be cleaning other parts of the hot tub including the panels and outside, the cover, pillows and any pipes or accessories both inside and outside of the hot tub. This will help to keep the overall welfare of the hot tub in the best possible condition whilst ensuring that there is no mould growth, build up or scum happening around the hot tub.

4. Check Your Levels Often

It’s really important to keep a close eye on the levels of your hot tub. This could be the pH and alkalinity or even the chlorine. It’s important to understand the difference between chlorine tablets and granules. Your pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels may build up or decrease over time, so by checking them regularly you will know that all of the levels are where they should be.

5. Drain, Clean & Refill The Water

Now that your hot tub has been thoroughly cleaned and maintained, it’s now time to make sure to completely drain it, clean it and refill the water on a regular basis. This will help to maintain levels such as your pH but also will remove any dirt or muck that has come into the hot tub when it’s been in use. It is always worth trying to get into a cleaning routine with your hot tub, as this will help to ensure that it’s always in a pristine condition both when in and not in use.

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